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introduced by author Deb Landry and co-hosted with Jenny Muscatell, LSW, is a Facebook group that provides inspiration, education and empowerment on where to get help and healing after suffering trauma from bullying, PTSD, domestic violence or narcissism.  


Our information is a real journey into making conscious changes toward new beginnings to change lives toward a healthy relationships.


Join us on Facebook in a private group and in our podcast and blog, Raising Cain.  

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Common signs of abusive behavior

Even one or two of these behaviors in a relationship is a red flag that abuse may be present


  • Telling you that you never do anything right.

  • Showing extreme jealousy of your friends or time spent away from them.

  • Preventing or discouraging you from spending time with friends, family members, or peers.

  • Insulting, demeaning, or shaming you, especially in front of other people.

  • Preventing you from making your own decisions, including about working or attending school.

  • Controlling finances in the household without discussion, including taking your money or refusing to provide money for necessary expenses.

  • Pressuring you to have sex or perform sexual acts you’re not comfortable with.

  • Pressuring you to use drugs or alcohol.

  • Intimidating you through threatening looks or actions.

  • Insulting your parenting or threatening to harm or take away your children or pets.

  • Intimidating you with weapons like guns, knives, bats, or mace.

  • Destroying your belongings or your home.

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