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In the classroom:
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Raising Hands

School Unite Against Bullying General Assemblies and Walks

This is the easiest, fastest way to make a difference in your school without any cost. Crossroads partners schools to hold a general school assembly each October. We hold a morning assembly, walk and show support to the students and teachers on how to better define bullying in schools. Teaching the students to be aware and "Standbyers" instead of bystanders with the support of the entire district which includes the superintendent, assistant superintendent, mayor, teachers, principal, parents, students, staff, Unite Against Bullying ME staff  and community members.  Want to join us and learn how, contact us at for your curriculum today. 


Free School Visits

Crossroads offers free one hour school readings and individual classroom visits from our PEER AMBASSADOR and Crown CARES Advocates (Creating A Respectful Environment in Schools). Our programs are researched based and easy to train your own students to mentor younger students within the school. 

Call today to schedule a visit to your school or find a peer ambassador in your area. 



School Visits


Crossroads also offers school readings, staff training and parent informational from children's author Deb Landry. Call today to schedule a visit to your school and for a quote. These visits are not complimentary. 207-838-2146  



The Crown CARES

(Creating a Respectful Environment in Schools) 

Crossroads offers free school visits from a titleholder. Contact us for a visit to your school. It is free of charge. The visit includes reading a book and discussing respect, honesty, being a good bystander and brainstorming how to create a respectful environment in your school. Availability varies.

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