Crossroads partner with one national pageant for girls and young ladies and one international pageant for women to provide the pageant experience to women and young ladies of ages 1 month-100 years old.

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2021 Pageant


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September 17-19, 2021

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New program for 2020 


Miss Maine Dirigo


In our continuing effort to support and provide each of our delegates with the opportunity to attend a national pageant, Crossroads’ Maine Academic Scholarship Pageant has developed the Dirigo program that honors loyalty and longevity within our sisterhood. 


The title, to be known as Miss Maine Dirigo, will be awarded annually to a local Miss or Teen delegate that meets the following criteria: 


  1. Has competed at least 6 times and/or four divisions without being crowned with a state level title that advances to a national pageant.

  2. Has not won a UNM Maine State title in any division; this doesn’t not include someone that has taken an appointed title such as Downeast Maine or Miss Pine Tree or held Miss Maine Preschool, Primary or Elementary.  

  3. Participants must apply through an optional with an essay of their service to CYC (200-500 words, the Crown CARES, participate in a separate interview with a separate panel of judges and be competing the year they wish to qualify. 

  4. Miss division delegates are eligible once they compete in the Miss division two time. In rare cases, a teen delegate may be considered if she meets the qualifications. If a teen is selected, she will commit to re-competing as a Miss and in rare cases, a teen when she is eligible. 

  5. In case of multiple eligible delegates, consideration will go to the delegate that is aging out, has the highest interview score, along with years of service. 

  6. Miss Dirigo will receive the same prize package and be expected to follow the same rules as the state titleholders. Gifts and donations from vendors may not be applicable. 

  7. If there is not an eligible candidate, the title will not be filled. Crossroads reserves the right to not crown a delegate each year.  

  8. AWOS delegates do not qualify. This is only for UNM delegates  and  the title may be awarded to someone else if no one applies. 

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visit our social media pages for more information on each pageant. All participants or legal guardian must  read and fill out this form to participate. 


By signing this electronic form, I certify that I am  female and a U.S. citizen or a Canadian citizen if competing in the North American Women of Service Pageant. I agree to accept the terms as explained in the delegate manual and understand the policies set forth by Crossroads including the State and National Code of Conduct Policies. For all local representatives, this title is a confirmation and a commitment to compete at the state pageant and I assume all responsibility for payment of state program fees or Provincial if from Canada. For YAWOS, I assume all responsibilities of the title and I understand that if I am unable to attend the state pageant after I have (1) registered, paid, or (2) won an YAWOS title at states, and do not attend states the following year, for any reason without a physician’s note, I must forfeit my local or state title, must return the crown and sash and will pay a $350 withdrawal fee.  I understand that all monies paid or donated to Crossroads is non-refundable, made willingly  and returned checks will incur a fee of $40. If I withdraw, I will also not receive any prizes or scholarships won in the local, state, regional or national pageant for that year and must return what I have received. This includes the YAWOS titles awarded to the first runner ups, scholarships for teen and miss divisions or any award promised to be granted after crowning. Delegates and their parents/guardians hereby release and forever discharge Crossroads, Maine Academic Scholarship Program, Crown CARES, American Women of Service, Young American Women of Service, USA National Miss, USA National Miss Maine,or any program of Crossroads and the local or state pageants in which I competed, including it's directors, employees, volunteers and staff from any and all claims and demands arising from damages or liabilities due to theft, accident, loss or injury resulting from participation in the above-mentioned programs. Any delegate that is competing to qualify in the USA National Miss Maine Preliminary  or Young American Women of Service must certify that they have never been married or been pregnant. All delegates and their parents/guardians further covenant and agree not to sue the organization, its directors individually, its employees, volunteers or staff for any claim for damages or liability which includes and is not limited to not winning your title. I agree that I am of exemplary character and I will abide by all of the rules and regulations set forth by Crossroads which includes appearances and fees to compete. All pageants and Crown CARES events serve as a fundraiser for Crossroads 501c3 organization and supports their general mission therefore fees are nonrefundable,  used at the discretion of Crossroads and an extra fee or fees in advance must be paid if you drop out of the program without paying the agreed amount. By signing below, I am certifying that I have read and agreed to all rules listed (local, state and national) which are published on the organization’s website, delegate handbooks and applications and that I am 18 or older or my parent or guardian has signed on my behalf. This document is legally binding.

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