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About Our Programs and Productions 


Crossroads hosts and produces the following programs to support our nonprofit:


The Maine Academic Scholarship Pageant (local & state)


Miss Sensational Pageant (non-competitive)

Green Carpet Fundraiser Event and Talent Entertainment

Princess and STAR Camp

Women Empowerment Seminars

Various Unite walks, fundraisers, and more!


The pageants are fundraisers for Crossroads,  a 501c3 not-for-profit youth program that is organized and operating exclusively for charitable and educational purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 as set forth in the Articles of Incorporation. 


We are proud to join with the American Women of Service Pageants to provide pageantry opportunities of the highest quality for all ages. Whether entertainment or educational in nature our scholarship pageants, summer princess camps, workshops, and seminars, provide girls and women with the tools to enhance and develop communication, self-presentation, and interview skills, allowing them to become resilient, community-minded adults.


We are proud to offer opportunities to earn college scholarships at the national level to assist them in their academic journey and be role models by serving others, including camp counselors, and volunteers. We strive to provide an opportunity that guides our participants to be community-minded, resilient, strong, and respectful citizens while learning to give back to the community where they live.


Crossroads Youth Center is a 501c3 charitable organization whose mission is to raise resilient children, youth, and teens by providing innovative programs that serve Maine youth to envision and navigate a course for a rewarding future that is characterized by achievement, independent thought, and social responsibility through education, mentoring and volunteering. For more information and a schedule visit

For more information on American Women Pageants, visit their site at,, and 



















Our International Partnership: 



American Women of Service is a community service-based pageant, founded with a few goals in mind:

  1. To empower women and young women across the America's to become the best version of themselves possible.

  2. To encourage women who serve in their communities to share that love with others around them and inspire others to do the same.

  3. To create a positive, encouraging, empowering sisterhood of beautiful women who are interested in motivating others through community involvement and community service.

  4. Lastly, to promote anti-bullying at all ages and in all areas of life.

American Women of Service Programs brings a unique pageant experience as it is part of a 501c-3 non-profit organization, Crossroads Youth Center. Through Crossroads Youth Center we work to promote bullying awareness through UNITE Against Bullying, The Crown CARES (Creating A Respectful Environment in Society) and youth enrichment.


           We Customize Your Pageant Experience 

               How to Custom Design Your Reign

Knowing that each young woman and woman who participates in our program has unique talents, gifts, goals and interests, we fashioned our program so that our state royalty can custom design their reign to align it with their own personal goals in order to achieve their dreams. Whether your interests are geared toward a career in modeling, talent development, or want to further your charity work and find mentorship opportunities, we will provide a platform to fulfill dreams. Having a unique focus and custom-designed plan for each queen allows for personal growth, success, and fulfillment during their reign and beyond. In addition, our royalty participates in a variety of activities together, forming a bond of sisterhood that is sure to last a lifetime.

We offer many different ways you can compete and volunteer, give us a call and we can tell you how!

Information on this website is that of Crossroads and copyrighted. It may not be used without the permission of the owners. 

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