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Maine Academic Scholarship Pageant 

Current & Past Titleholders


Titleholders by Year 

MISS division:

2021 entered into a contract with American Women Pageants

2024: Avianna Rath, Miss Maine

2023:Jaclyn Delprete, Miss Maine, (2nd runner up Internationals)

2022: Lillie Mahan, Miss Maine (1st runner-up)

2021: Maylinda Boynton, UNM Miss Maine, International Queen YAWOS

2021: Abby Brackett, Miss Maine AWOS, International AWOS 

2020:Faith Brackett, UNM Miss Maine

2019: Kalena Pearce, UNM Miss Maine

​2018: Emily Robbins UNM Miss Maine

2017: Emma Langille UNM Miss Maine

2016-Drew Graves UNM Miss Maine

2015-Abby Boissonneault (top 15 Nationally) 

2014-Casey Bonville (top 15 nationally)

2013-Callie MacQueston  (top 15 nationally)

2012-Brittney Bearden 

2011-Kristy Huff  

2010-Shannon Folsom (National Queen)


Teen division:

2024: Lidia Matarazzo, Miss Maine Teen

2023: Riley Princes, Miss Maine Teen

2022: Rosie Haibon, Miss Maine Teen, International Winner

2021:Cassidy Carr, UNM Miss Maine

2021: Katie Brayson, Miss Maine Teen, AWOS

2020:Delaney Alward, USA National Miss Maine, National Role Model Teen

2019: Paige Lessard, USA National Miss Maine, National Role Model Teen

​2018- Katie Strout USA National Miss Maine

2017- Shelby Cash USA National Miss Maine

2016-Yessenia Vilar (National Talent Winner)

2015-Lauren Cook USA National Miss Maine

2014-Ameena Vizcarrondo High School

2013-Drew Graves High School

2012-Casey Bonville (Top 15 nationally) 

2011-Taylor Santos (MASP Miss Teen Maine)

2010-Samantha Clark High School


Young Teen division:

2024: Lila Tucker, Miss Young Teen Maine

2023: Bailey Soucy, Miss Young Teen Maine

2022: Madison Thayer, Miss Maine Young Teen

2021:Ruthie Gusler, USA National Miss Maine

2021: Taylor Lombard, Miss Maine Jr. Teen, AWOS

2020: Riley Prince, USA National Miss Maine

2019 Cassidy Carr, USA National Miss Maine, National Role Model Jr. Teen

​2018- Delaney Alward UNM Miss Maine,  National Role Model JT

2017:Clara Kohlbacher UNMMiss Maine

2016 Taylor Bridges UNM Miss Maine

2015-Celine Baker (top 15 nationally)

2014-Taylor Bridges Jr. High

2013-Olivia Patterson Jr. High

2012-Ameena Vizcarrondo Jr. High

2011-Courtney Christoforo MASP Jr. Teen


Pre-Teen and Miss Maine ElementaryTM division:

2024: Kallie McPheters, Miss Preteen Maine

2023: Violet Dineen, Miss Preteen Maine

2022: Brylea Newman, Miss Preteen Maine, International Winner

2021: Bailey Soucy, USA National Miss Maine

2021: Miranda Torrey, Miss Maine Elementary

2020: Rhianna Desjardins, USA National Miss Maine

​20120- Bailey Soucy, Miss Maine Elementary 

2019- Victoria Siering, USA National Miss Maine

2019 Anglee Brewer, Miss Maine Elementary

​2018- Claire Ouellette USA National Miss Maine

2018- Brianna Osterblom, Miss Maine Elementary

2017-Brooklyn McCarthy USA National Miss Maine

2017-Lydia Matarazzo, Miss Maine Elementary

2016 Alana Ireland (top 15 nationally)

2015-Brianna Jack USA National Miss Maine

2015-Kallee Parent, Miss Maine Elementary

2014-McKensi Mills Miss Maine Elementary

2013-Sameena Flinner Miss Maine Elementary

2012-Natalia Profenno Miss Maine Elementary

2011-Marisa McGraw Miss Maine Elementary


Princess and Miss Maine PrimaryTM division:

2024: Brooklyn Beaulieu, Miss Maine Princess

2023: Lucy Romanelli, Miss Maine Princess

2022: Emma Dolan, Miss Maine Princess

2021: Abigail Moses, USA National Miss Maine

2021: Kallie McPheters, Miss Maine Primary

2020:McKenna Starr Perry, USA National Miss Maine ( Top 15 Nationally)

2020: Abigail Moses, Miss Maine Primary

2019-Violet Dineen, USA National Miss Maine

2019- McKenna Perry  Miss Primary

​2018- Bailey Soucy USA National Miss Maine

2018- Rhianna Desjardins Miss Maine Primary

2017-Claire Kilcollins USA National Miss Maine

2017-Miranda Torrey (Miss Primary)

2016 Karleigh Smith USA National Miss Maine

2015-Eliza Jack (National Talent Winner)

2015-Seylah Mills Miss Maine Primary

2014-Eliza Jack (Miss Maine Primary)

2013-Brooklyn McCarthy (Miss Maine Primary) National Model

2012-Lainey Bell (Miss Maine Primary)

2011-Brianna Jack (Miss Maine Primary)


Young Princess and Miss Maine Pre School TM divisions:

2024: Ruby Rose Martel, Miss Maine Young Princess

2023: Jenna Wallace, Miss Maine Young Princess

2022: Olivia Kirby, Miss Maine Young Princess

2021-Madison Hill, USA National Miss Maine

2021-Savannah Storey, Miss Maine Preschool

2020- Emma Dolan, USA National Miss Maine

2020: Savannah Storey, Miss Maine Preschool

2019- Olivia Stubbs, USA National Miss Maine

2019- Emma Dolan, Miss Maine Preschool

​2018-Kadance Cormier USA National Miss Maine

2017-McKenna Perry  Miss Preschool

2017-Brylea Newman USA National Miss Maine Top 3 Nationally

2017-Kayleigh Levesque Miss Preschool

2016 Taylor Adams USA National Miss Maine

2015-Mia Mills (top 10 and National Role Model )

2015-McKenna Perry (Miss Maine Preschool)

2014-Emily Collins Miss Maine Preschool

2013-Brenna Alley Miss Maine Preschool

2012-Emily Collins Miss Maine Preschool

2011-Tristyn Flinner Miss Maine Preschool

2010-Madison Wright Miss Maine Preschool



Miss Maine Ambassador, formally Pine Tree, and Dirigo:

2024: Kasey Jordan, Ambassador

2023-Lauren Tucker Pine Tree

2023-Emily Williams-Miss Dirigo

2021 and 2022-Paisley Prendergast, Jr. Pine Tree

2022 Savanah Colson, Miss Dirigo

2021-FaithBrackett, Sr. Pine Tree

2020:Lilah Landers Pine Tree

2019 Jaidyn Stuart 

2018 Anglee Brewer

2017 Cassidy Carr

2017-Skyla Libby Sr. Downeast

 2017-Miranda Torrey, Jr. Downeast  (National Role Model)

2016- Crystal Annis, Miss Downeast (Top 15 at National)

Little Miss Maine (new in 2022)

2024: Lilliana Smith

2023: Juliet Reynolds

Miss-Mrs-MS Divisions

MS Maine, American Women in ServiceTM

Miss Maine, Young American Women in ServiceTM

​2024 Mrs. Maine Cassie Korasadowicz,

2023 Erika LeClair, Mrs Maine

2022: Michelle Lessard, MS Maine, International winner

2022: Mikele Block, Mrs. Maine

2021- Lindsey Merrill, MS Maine  Saco

2020- Crystal Annis, MS Maine Brunswick

​2019-Chan Himm, MS National winner Saco

2018- Shawn Cunningham Mrs. National winner PI

2017-Olivia Jones (national first runner up) National Winner 

2017 Mikele Reynolds, MS Maine AWOS Bangor

2016 Ashley Caron (Crowned National Miss 2016) PI

2015 Samantha Clark, Miss (Crowned National Miss) Lewiston

2015 Andrea Perreault, Mrs (1st runner up national) Van Burren

2015 Kimberlee Parent, MS (crowned National MS) Caribou


Titles Available

Crossroads Maine Academic Scholarship Pageant owns and has trademarked the following titles as of August 2011:

Miss Maine Pre-School TM

Miss Maine Primary TM

Miss Maine Elementary TM

Miss MS Mrs. Maine, American Women of Service TM

Young American Women of Service

Royal Prince and Princess YAWOS

Miss Sensational Pageant TM

Miss Pine TreeTM

Miss Maines Ambassador

Miss DirigoTM

Local titles

St Croix Valley

Coastal Maine


Aroostook County 

Apple Blossom Queen

Southern Maine 

Central ME Princess


Northern Maine

Eastern Maine

Western Maine

Shire Town








Border State

Carrabassett Valley


Down East 


Great Northern







Lumber State

Moosehead Lake









2018 Delegates at the Pink Party


Contracted titles include

All titles with the American Women Pageants

It is mutually understood and agreed that Crossroads owns all rights and proprietary interest to any and all intellectual property, names, branding, designations, trademarks and service mark(s) of Miss Maine Preschool, Miss Maine Primary, Miss Maine Elementary, MS and Mrs. American Women of Service, and Miss Sensational. Any other person(s) using these titles, is doing so illegally and against the copyright and trademark laws.

All titles are part of Crossroads MASP’s, The American Women Pageants and American Women of Service and Young American Women of Service Programs.

MASP is not associated with the Miss Maine High School, Collegiate and Jr. High Pageants, or USA National Miss, nor are our local pageants. Use of the titles listed above by HSA and UNM are used without legal permission and are trademarked and copyright infringements. Crossroads contracts with other pageant systems to provide an international or national experience. Whatever program we contract with, the titles are all owned by Crossroads.


Please check our local listing on this site, for all our local pageants. 

©  Crossroads' Maine Academic Scholarship Pageant  Established 1999

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