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We celebrate all people. There is no picking and choosing acceptance of race, religion, or sexuality. 

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CROSSROADS is INCLUSIVEwe recognize that supporting diversity and engagement is the right and only thing to do for our members and the world. This commitment is woven into our values and belief that Crossroads is strongest when we embrace the full spectrum of humanity, regardless of what we look like, where we come from, or whom we love. That means building and celebrating a more diverse, more inclusive organization that teaches and lives inclusivity while promoting the communities we serve.

Each of us has a role to play in advancing this mission and way of thinking. For some of us, it means summoning the courage to stand up and speak out, sharing opinions or experiences, working with state and government agencies, and standing up for one another. For others, it means listening with patience and empathy, creating an environment conducive to dialogue. For all of us, it means asking questions, respecting answers, being open to fresh perspectives, and, most importantly, appreciating one another.  

Diversity starts within. The example we set reflects outward, to our youth, families, partners, members and community. We believe fostering a new culture requires a focus on Acceptance, Inclusiveness, and Respect. 

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