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American Women of Service, Crossroads, and Crown CARES Scholarships

Image by Baim Hanif

Crossroads programs, including, the Maine Academic Scholarship Program/Pageants, American Women of Service Pageants, and Crown CARES provide scholarships and grants to change the lives of our members by providing funds, grants, and scholarships to further their education.


We provide Stage, Nonperformance Entertainment, and Social Awareness Education through our annual Green Carpet Fundraisers, Pageants, Pageant Talent Shows, Workshops, Seminars, STAR Summer Camps, and Variety Talent Shows. All the programs are open to the public. 


1. Crossroads general scholarship includes children, youth, and schools. We collaborate with businesses, and colleges and raise funds through our annual Green Carpet event through on-stage entertainment and musical theater performances for the general public by our members. 

2. CC scholarships also leverage our programs to impact society in a broader way, aiming to change our communities through Creating a Respectful Environment in Schools and Society with these awards. 

3. American Women of Service Pageants (AWOS) provide scholarships through fundraisers, pageants, and talent shows to raise funds. We education the our members and community by providing entertainment and education in the nature of scholarship pageants, summer camps, workshops, and seminars

4. Our college scholarship is managed by Crossroads, a 501c3 youth organization that provides scholarship funds for organizations that provide community service.  The guidelines, rules, and amount of donations are set up by the pageant organization. 


We are always looking for new and exciting organizations to educate our youth. Let's connect.

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