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About the book:

Bullying Prevention Children's book: Billy Bob Opossum migrates to a new neighborhood. He and his new friends face confusing emotions when Billy is teased and bullied because of his diverse habits. The animals are left trying to identify a variety of feeling surrounding the incident. The story is an enjoyable and sensitive tale about a growing problem our children face daily. This is an amazing and delightful story weaving the bully, target, bystander and adult into a story celebrating positive social values. Author Deb Landry has created a valuable tool for teachers and parents that address the important subject of bullying in an inspiring story of friendship, respect and communication. This charmingly illustrated story is inspired by a personal experience and the recent movement to prevent bullying through state and federal legislation. The book is intended to use as a tool for parents and teachers to discuss appropriate social behaviors in a safe environment. Sticks, Stones and Stumped! supplies children and adults with a story that will be enjoyed for years to come.
Illustrated By: Melissa Pelletier


ISBN: 978-0984193424

Publisher: Bryson Taylor Publishing

Published: 2011

PDF Sticks Stones and Stumped