Makeup Eraser is the Best Natural Makeup Remover Available. The Original Makeup Eraser cloth (MUE for short) is a unique and gentle makeup remover. It’s soft and gentle on your skin. Just wet the cloth with warm water, gently rub your face, and your makeup is easily removed, including waterproof eyeliner, 3D mascara, and face paint.There’s no other remover on the market works as quickly and easily as this.

Eco-friendly & Affordable!

The cloth is eco-friendly and reusable. There’s no need to buy and throw-away cotton balls, wipes, or plastic bottles of makeup remover. So, no more ruining washcloths. Simply throw it in the wash with your normal laundry and stains come out.

With it being a reusable cloth, lasting up to 1,000 washes, it means you will save money on removal products, not to mention time removing all that makeup too!

Would you rather spend 30 seconds removing all your cosmetics with one product that’s reusable, or spend longer with a product you have to continually buy – costing your more money?

Stop Hassling with Makeup Wipes & Traditional Cosmetic Removers

As I’ve said, it’s soft on your skin. Other removers use chemicals which are harmful to your skin. Also, while those removal products are cheaper upfront, they do cost you a lot more in the long run.

Let me break it down.

  • The Makeup Eraser lasts up to 1,000 washes.
  • If you used it every day then it would last you 2 years and 10 months.
  • Costing $20, and lasting almost 3 years, it would cost you 2 cents each time you used it.

Do you think you can find another product to remove all your cosmetics in seconds, using only warm water and no chemicals, at a cost of 2 cents per-use?

Now, let’s compare this to another product on the market that’s popular and by a well-known company. I won’t name names though.

  • A typical makeup remover cost is around $8. This gets you 25 uses with their disposable remover.
  • The cost per-use would be 32 cents.
  • The cost to use this product for as long as the Makeup Eraser lasts (almost 3 years/1,000 washes) would be $320.

So, you spend more money with the typical remover to have a disposable product you need to buy every month. It doesn’t make sense when you could buy one product for less, lasts longer, and goes in your normal laundry to clean.

Helps with Better Skin

Not only does the Original Makeup Eraser remove all cosmetics, it also exfoliates your skin. There are two sides to the cloth. One side for removing your makeup, and the other side to gently exfoliate your skin once you’ve taken all those cosmetics off. It’s a two step process that only takes seconds to do.

There are some customers who have mentioned how much softer and cleaner their skin feels! Other customers have said how they no longer use daily skin cleansers and cleaners; that the Makeup Eraser cloth takes care of their face cleaning needs. There are other customers who have seen their face clear up as well with blemishes disappearing.

It’s not surprising either. Because the MUE removes all your makeup, that means nothing is left behind to irritate your skin; as leaving cosmetics on overnight is not good for your skin. Without any residual cosmetics on your face your skin is able to breath.

Also, it doesn’t use harsh chemicals to remove the cosmetics. So, you aren’t leaving unnatural chemicals on your skin to be absorbed. With nothing left behind, your skin can repair and heal itself, in turn giving you a clearer complexion.

Make up Eraser

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