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Our 2021 MS Maine

Lyndsay Merrill

2020 MS Maine

Crystal Annis and 

2019 MS MAINE and and National titleholder Mrs. AWOS

Chan Himm

                   AWOS is a program of Crossroads and Trademarked. 


For more information, visit the national website at 

Each local pageant in the state offers a division for MS and Mrs. that compete at the State Pageant. 

Winners of the MASP State Pageant will advance to the national pageant each summer. 

The MS/Mrs Maine American Women of Service and Young American Women of Service are copyrighted and trademarked by Crossroads as an educational program and pageant for women of all ages. All rights reserved. 

Titles for other state titles are available by contacting


      Programs of



AWOS offers a fun program for youth which include:


Young American Women of ServiceTM, a noncompetitive program for ages 4-19. The program also allows for young girls to compete in all optionals for practice and fun. 

Judging Criteria of AWOS as of 2021:

Nationals will be held at the Double Tree Hotel in So. Portland Maine in July 2021. Here are the divisions and criteria for each division.

6 prestigious National Titles:

  • Sweetheart of American Women - Ages 19-25, unmarried 

  • Ms. American Woman of Service - Ages 26-37, Single, Divorced, Widowed, with or with out children

  • Mrs.  American Woman of Service -Age 19+, Married, with or without children

  • Elite American Woman of Service - Ages 38-49, any marital status

  • Classic American Woman of Service - Ages 50+, any marital status

  •  Ambassador of American Women, all ages and includes other required rules and guidelines. 

Each Delegate will compete in 4 areas of competition for the divisional titles.

  • Personal Interview - A panel style interview, designed to allow the judges to better get to know the delegates. This phase of competition will account for 40% of the overall score.

  • Out on the Town Fashion - Delegates are asked to select an outfit that best exudes their personality that they would wear "Out on the Town".  Judges will be looking for overall confidence and  how the outfit compliments the delegate. This phase of competition will account for 20% of the overall score.

  • Evening Gown - Delegates are asked to select a full-length evening gown of choice and to answer an onstage question. Questions will be selected by the judges from questions asked during interview. Evening gown will be scored on question response, poise and overall confidence. This phase of competition will account for 30% of the overall score.

  • Optional Competitions - Delegates are asked to enter at least one optional competition that will account for 10% of the overall score. Delegates may wish to participate in multiple/all optional competitions which will result in the highest optional score incorporated into the overall score.

    • Photogenic: Delegates submit one 8x10 photo or photo collage of up to 3 images to be reviewed by the judges panel.

    • Role Model: Delegates submit a community service portfolio containing images, community service hour log, letters of recommendation and/or description of leadership roles for review by the judges panel.

    • Personal Platform Presentation: Delegates submit a creative video no longer than 2 minutes about their personal platform for review by the judges panel.

    • Positive Pageantry Writing: Delegates submit an essay style writing between 500 and 1000 words about positive pageantry (any area or relation to) for review by the judges.

    • Non-performance Talent: Delegates submit evidence of their talent via photographs or video for review by the judges.

    • Talent: Delegates may perform a 2 minute talent on stage for the judges.

    • Americana Theme Wear: Delegates may choose to model an "Americana" themed outfit for the judges on stage.

    • Fitness Wear: Delegates choose a fitness outfit that best compliments them and projects their confidence. Delegates will walk the stage and present a 15 second speech of how fitness, confidence and beauty relate to them.

    • Speech: Delegates will present a 2 minute speech of choice to the judges live during the optional competition.

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