Mission Statement


A 501  c-3 youth organization which aims to nurture, advocate, educate and  provide a safe environment that empowers healthy living and fosters social responsibility.

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In 1997, Deb and Darrin Landry were inspired to develop a program for youth to attend after school that was safe, educational, and supported community involvement and volunteering.  Advocates for a safe, healthy environment for children, youth, and teens started the organization known as Crossroads today.  

The Landry's believe that when we positively work together as a community to raise our children, we can create a world of strong, socially, and environmentally resilient adults.


Their program came to fruition on January 1, 1999, when Crossroads Youth Center (CYC) became a 501 c3 organization,  a youth organization that fosters positive character education and empowers youth to value and participate in their communities as volunteers and leaders.  CYC has expanded its many programs internationally, reaching the US, Canada, and the Caribbean Islands.  

They welcome everyone to get involved as an individual or with your family to teach tolerance, inclusion, resilience, kindness, and respect in our schools, community, and the world. 


Deb Landry has worked in healthcare administration and nonprofit administration for over 40 years specializing in organizational and operational management.

As president and co-founder of BTI, she oversees, develops, and manages seminars, executive duties, marketing, project management, administration, communications, and contracting. She serves as the chief editor of Bryson Taylor Inc and Crossroads.
Her experience includes:

  • 25 years as a medical management consultant

  • 35 years in healthcare management as CEO, COO managing nonprofit and the private sector

  • Lecturer, author, trainer, event planner, seminar and educational event coordinator, Publisher and Editor

  • 35+ years as a Business Manager and administrator

  • Professional Image consultant specializing in Certified Professional Coach, Parent Coaching, Resume Development, Etiquette, Wedding, and Event Planning.

Darrin A. Landry is world-renowned for his expertise in all aspects of ophthalmic imaging. Darrin has designed seminars, lectured, and published extensively in this field. 

  • 30 years of ophthalmic and health care experience

  • Lecturer, workshop instructor, and author

  • Authored three books and multiple papers/articles on ophthalmic imaging and ophthalmology

  • Has won multiple awards for publications and lectures, including Don Wong Award for Most Excellent Presentation (twice), Chris Barry Award for Best Journal Article, and Hawaiian Eye Meeting Speaker of the Day Award

  • Ophthalmic and medical consultant, Implementing and training researched protocols in No. America, Europe, and So. America

  • Holds a post-graduate certificate in Christian Education. 

  • Program development and producer 



Executive Board


Deb Landry, Executive Director-Co-Founder

Darrin A. Landry, Chairman of the Board, Co-Founder

Drew T. Landry, Treasurer

Cheryl A. Gifford, Vice President

Jasmine DeRier, Secretary

Daryl Saucier

Camille N. Curtis

Christiana Roberts, RN

Margaret Bushy, MBA

Jennifer Hale Barton



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Crossroads CARES

Voices in Harmony

Abbey's Tale Time

Skyla's Buddy Benches

Maine American-Women Scholarship Program

Young America Women of Service Program

Miss Sensational Program 

Domestic Violence Awareness Program




Maine American-Women Scholarship Pageant

Green Carpet Event

Green Baby Contest

Young American Women Pageants

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